• Increase Your Social Media Presence

    Serious about doing business online or becoming a social media influencer? You need a robust Instagram presence. A popular Instagram account boosts your credibility and brand awareness, and attracts your target audience and demographics. To gain new followers, though, you need lots of existing followers, views and likes – and they’re almost impossible to attract on your own.

  • #1 Instagram Growth Service in America

    Rushmax jump-starts your Instagram popularity, as we’ve done for 100,000+ influencers and celebrities. We build IG follower, view and like counts naturally, so the Instagram algorithm shows your Instagram page to more users. That’s the same way successful Instagram influencers and small businesses gain popularity and increase their Instagram engagement rate.

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    Many IG service providers cheat. They use bots and fake accounts to add interactions that Instagram removes almost immediately, and could get your Instagram account banned. Rushmax works differently. We deliver REAL Insta followers, likes and views that will stick long-term. They come from REAL users and REAL accounts. And we provide instant delivery!

We do the Instagram marketing for you!

How Rushmax Works

Modern social media marketing requires tons of time, effort and money. Rushmax takes that burden off your shoulders. Just decide the number of real followers, likes or views you want to send to your Instagram page, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, or Instagram profile, and we do the rest – with faster delivery time than you’ll get from any other Instagram service provider. We know you don’t have a lot of time to waste, so our streamlined ordering process allows you to buy real Instagram likes, followers, or views in just seconds – at budget-friendly prices!

Choose Your Package

We have affordable likes, views and followers packages to fit every budget, starting at just $0.99. Just choose the number of followers, views or likes you’d like us to deliver – and if you have special needs or would like to place a bulk order, just contact us for a custom quote. And they’re all real users; you don’t get fake Instagram followers, likes or views with Rushmax!

Provide Your Instagram Username

Don’t trust other services that ask for your name, password, or other private information. All we need is your username and email (so we can send a confirmation) to send as many real Instagram followers, views or likes to your account as you’d like. Then choose your payment method (credit card or Paypal) in our easy checkout process, and we’re ready to roll!

Watch Your Instagram Presence Grow!

Within minutes, you’ll see your follower count, your number of likes or your view count start to climb. And that’s just the start – your account will start trending, too. Thanks to your increased Instagram visibility, your account will continue to add organic followers indefinitely, and your page, posts and stories will receive widespread exposure!


Why Choose Rushmax?

With more than ten years of experience providing the best quality Instagram services, we’re able to deliver real, high-quality Instagram followers, IG likes and Insta views with lightning-fast delivery and to your complete satisfaction.

Fastest Results

Our Rushmax expert staff has spent years cultivating active followers on Instagram and perfecting our internal systems. That allows us to deliver tens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of the best quality follows, likes and views almost immediately. You’ll start to see them show up within minutes – and they’re all real engagement from real people!

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We’ve been doing this since 2011, and have been America’s #1 provider of genuine followers, likes and views for years. That’s why we can make our unique satisfaction guarantee: if you buy IG followers, views or likes from us and the order doesn’t complete properly, we’re happy to provide a refund. If our followers unfollow you, we’ll replace them. How’s that for satisfaction?

Experienced Team, Quality Service

At Rushmax, we pride ourselves on unparalleled customer support. Our experienced and caring support team is available 24/7 to provide any assistance you may need once you buy followers, likes or views. And if you need help choosing the right followers, views, or like packages – or if you need a custom quote – just contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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Choose the Way You Want to Grow: Real Instagram Views, Followers, Likes!

You have an interesting Instagram profile, some quality content with hashtags and some cool Instagram stories? Sadly, that’s not enough. Very few people will ever see your posts, because Instagram’s algorithm won’t give you much exposure until you already have lots of user engagement. You’ll need to build your account’s visibility – and that’s our specialty at Rushmax.

Buy Instagram Likes

Instagram likes are important to a social media marketing strategy because they provide “social proof” that a product, service or profile is reputable and trustworthy. Rushmax can provide dozens, hundreds or thousands of real Instagram likes at affordable prices, with fast delivery.

Buy Instagram Followers

The key to popularity on any social media platform is the number of people who follow your account. Our followers packages let you build as many active Instagram followers as you need to boost your visibility quickly, without violating Instagram’s terms of service.

Buy Instagram Views

IG views play a big role in the growth of your Instagram account. Highly-viewed posts are more likely to appear on other Instagram users’ feeds – and they’ll be more likely to share your post with others. Rushmax provides high-quality views that expand your reach dramatically.

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I love Instagram, great platform to share photos, videos, etc., can't live a day without it 🙂 I guess I'm not the only one crazy about this social network. It wasn't easy to attract followers, so I decided to try this service. Thank you very much, rushmax.com, for the stunning result, number of my subscribers has increased significantly.

Matt V

This service is the best when you want to make your Instagram account more popular! The price is nice. You get followers and likes almost instantly. If something is wrong, the support will explain everything. They will fix it so you won't lose your money. I managed to increase the number of subscribers from 5000 to 11000 in a day! A great result. And no need to waste time doing it yourself 🙂