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Why buy Instagram views from Rushmax?

Every business and would-be influencer dreams of the day their video goes viral on social media platforms. That doesn’t just “happen,” though. As strange as it may sound, you need a lot of video views on Instagram in order to get more views. The same is true for Instagram stories.

The number of views, plus the popularity of the poster’s Instagram account, determine if the Instagram algorithm will show your stories or videos (now called “reels”) to millions of other Instagram users. A high view count will also entice users to click on your video to watch it.

That means you have to “prime the pump” with Instagram views before your video or story will go viral. And Rushmax provides those high-quality Instagram video views – from real people. They help your content reach the level that lets large numbers of Instagram users see it. When you buy Instagram views from Rushmax, you build the momentum you need to go viral.

Complete Customer Support

We care about our customers. That’s the reason for our fast delivery time, and it’s why we provide real IG views that won’t cause Instagram to ban your account. It’s also why our expert Rushmax support team is available 24/7 to handle any questions or issues you may have.

Real Instagram Views

Every one of our Instagram video views or story views comes from a real user with a real account. Other social media services use bots and fake accounts to boost your view count, and Instagram deletes them almost immediately. Rushmax delivers REAL Insta views that stick.

Fast Delivery

When you post an Instagram story or video, time matters. Stories only last 24 hours, and videos grow stale quickly. Buying views from Rushmax lets your content get popular fast; we begin delivering high-quality views within 60 seconds of your order! We don’t waste time!

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Rushmax Views Packages: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to buy Instagram video views?

Quality content and hashtags are no longer the secrets to building popularity on Instagram.

The key metric that IG now uses to decide what goes on users’ feeds is Instagram engagement. In other words, it displays content that’s already popular. For videos or stories, that means views. The more views a video has, the more likely Instagram is to show it to other users.

But if you’re starting with zero views, how can you break through? That’s where Rushmax comes in. We deliver real, high-quality views, building momentum for your video or story to get it trending. Instagram sees your video’s growing popularity and shows it to more and more people – and when they view it, that leads to organic growth and even more popularity.

It may seem crazy. It may seem like “cheating,” but it’s not. We adhere to all of Instagram’s terms and conditions. But it’s now the way Instagram works, and it’s the way influencers and celebrities build their followings. With Rushmax, you can do exactly the same thing.

How does buying Instagram views help my business?

It’s simple. Social media marketing is designed to build brand awareness, deliver messages to a target audience, and turn your online presence into leads, sales and revenue. On Instagram, having popular posts, videos and stories is the route to success.

The instant views Rushmax sends to your videos or stories jump-start your content’s popularity and get it trending. The more people exposed to your content, the more views you’ll get. And those will be organic views, all from potential customers who are likely to follow you, check out your Instagram profile, and see all of your other Instagram posts.

Is buying Instagram views enough?

If your goal is to get a single video to go viral, it could be. A better long-term approach is to combine a views package with other techniques that will build your Instagram account’s power. We have Rushmax Instagram services that can help with that.

For example, you can buy Instagram followers. New followers will make your account more reputable in Instagram’s eyes, meaning your posts will be displayed even more frequently. You can also buy likes for your posts; more likes also increase the likelihood of going viral.

And of course, all of our quality services deliver real followers, likes and views, lightning-fast.

How do I buy Instagram views from Rushmax?

Easy-peasy. Just click on the purchase link, choose the number of views you want, enter your IG username and email (so we can deliver your report), and checkout with a credit card or alternate payment methods. It takes less than a minute, and your views will start showing up a minute later! We never ask for your real name, your password, or any other sensitive information.

Will using Rushmax get my Instagram account banned?

No, that’s why we only deliver real views from real accounts. Our experienced Rushmax team understands Instagram’s rules and regulations, and would never do anything to get your account banned (or shadow banned). With other service providers, there’s always a risk. Rushmax eliminates that risk and provides the views you need to build your video’s popularity.

Is there any guarantee?

There sure is. If there’s a glitch and your views aren’t delivered as promised, Rushmax will provide you with a full refund. If the views are deleted for some reason, we’ll replace them. And of course, we guarantee 24/7 caring customer support.

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