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Why buy Instagram followers from Rushmax?

Your Instagram follower count is crucial for success. Instagram algorithms use your number of active followers to decide how much visibility your Instagram posts, Instagram profile, Instagram page, and Instagram stories will receive. But it can take forever to find new followers on your own.

When you buy IG followers from Rushmax, we’ll deliver them within minutes. Your Instagram account will start trending, your posts, stories and profile will attract more and more viewers, and you’ll quickly gain new organic followers.

That’s how Instagram influencers and successful small businesses do it – now, you can too!

Rushmax is Safe

All of your purchased followers will be real people with real IG accounts. Our competitors use bots to supply fake Instagram followers from fake accounts; Instagram deletes them quickly and may ban your account. But Rushmax delivers genuine followers that stick for the long term, keeping your Insta account safe. Your IG account is important. We don’t take chances with it.

Rushmax is Effective

There’s a good reason more than 100,000 Instagram influencers and celebrities have relied on Rushmax for Instagram services: our services work. Implementing effective social media marketing requires lots of time, work and money, which is why it makes sense to outsource your Instagram marketing strategy to the experienced Instagram growth team at Rushmax.

Rushmax is Fast

Our rapid delivery time may surprise you. We deliver your desired number of active Instagram followers almost immediately after you enter your IG user name and email on our simple checkout form (accepted payment methods are credit cards and Paypal). If you prefer, we can space out your new Insta followers over time, and we offer real Instagram likes and views, too.


Rushmax Followers Packages: Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying followers increase my Instagram presence?

Instagram’s algorithm displays posts on users’ feeds largely based on the poster’s number of followers. Quality content and hashtags simply aren’t enough anymore.

That means you need to build a large following on Instagram – and doing that isn’t easy. It can take months or even years to acquire thousands of followers. And while you’re slowly building a following, some of your earlier follows may decide to unfollow you.

Our Rushmax Instagram growth service, though, provides the boost your account needs to be noticed quickly.

You’ll increase your number of followers almost instantly, the algorithm will start showing your posts to Instagram users who aren’t in your circle of acquaintances, and you should begin to see exponential growth in your follows, views and likes.

It’s the approach influencers and businesses use on all social media platforms. And it works!

Am I actually going to be receiving real Instagram followers?

Yes. We’ve been supplying real Instagram follows, likes and views for more than a decade. Over that time, we’ve developed a network of legitimate IG users, and built a large infrastructure that allows us to deliver genuine Instagram followers at a moment’s notice.

Other services don’t have that established backbone, so they have to rely on bots and fake accounts instead. They provide customers with fake followers, who disappear as soon as Instagram discovers them.

We deliver high-quality followers who will stick for the long term – and you can upgrade to a package of premium followers who will boost your account’s power and legitimacy even more.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Of course. We believe in our service, and we want you to believe in it, too. That’s why we guarantee that your real Instagram followers will be delivered the day you order – and your order will often be completed within minutes. If any of those followers disappear? We’ll replace them, free of charge. It’s as simple as that.

How do more Instagram followers help my business?

Social media exposure is important for any business. The more followers you have, the more often your posts, stories and profile will be shown on the timelines of thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of Instagram users who may be unfamiliar with your products or services.

That means greater brand awareness, and it means that users in your target audience or core demographics will be likely to click the “follow” button. As your followers grow organically, you’ll see growth in all crucial metrics: more exposure, more leads, more sales, and more profit.

Looking for even better results? Consider adding a Rushmax Instagram likes package. Users depend on the number of likes on a post for “social proof” that a business is reputable and trustworthy.

Does buying IG followers put my account at risk?

Absolutely not. That’s what sets Rushmax apart from those other sites and apps claiming to deliver quality IG followers: we follow all of Instagram’s terms and conditions, but they don’t. By providing real follows from real accounts, we never put your account in danger. Rushmax Instagram growth services are safe and reliable.

What is your customer service like?

We emphasize professional and courteous customer service. Our experienced support team is available 24/7, ready to help with questions and orders, and ready to immediately resolve the rare issues with delivery that occasionally crop up with so many orders in our queue.

We want our customers to stay customers for months and years – so we devote as much care to our support service as we do to our Instagram growth service.

Still not sure? Check out these customer reviews!

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5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews

I've purchased Instagram services from this service, amazing result! I finally have a lot of followers who do not unsubscribe quickly, they are not bots but genuine users with normal accounts. If you also want to promote your instagram page and get wider audience, I advise you to try, you'll love it too. Special thanks to the support staff.

Benjamin Berry

Great service I'd recommend to everyone willing to make their insta account popular quickly and easily. There's no need to wait for a long time, it's awesome, 'cause I'm very impatient 🙂 I already have hundreds of subscribers, views and likes and definitely not gonna stop. By the way, it's not expensive at all, prices reasonable enough.

Jennifer Young
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